Benefits of Joining SADA

SADA supports its members throughout their time in the profession - from their time as students in the field, straight through their professional careers, and into retirement. Our members benefit from the below advantages, amongst others.

  1. Access to local and international networking opportunities, mentoring circles and study groups.
  2. Full access to SADA online dental resources.
  3. Achieve full CPD requirement through SADA’s learning circles.
  4. Personalised advice on clinical, legal and practice management as well as telephone and email support.
  5. Access to the only fully accredited scientific dental journal in South Africa, The South African Dental Journal (SADJ), online and in hard copy.
  6. Get preferential rates on Dental Protection (DP) Indemnity Membership.
  7. Receive substantial discounts on SADA branch events and congresses.
  8. Advertise your employment vacancies and other practice requirements for free on the SADA classifieds.
  9. Advice on South African health and safety compliance.
  10. Access exclusive online practice related templates and contract examples.

  1. Receive regular up-to-date dentistry information and news.
  2. Access independent, unbiased and superior mediation services.
  3. Receive the only dental coding book in South Africa.
  4. Eligibility for research grants from the Dental Development Foundation Trust (DDFT).
  5. Assistance on authorisation parameters and risk management.
  6. Access to relevant dental Legal bulletins.
  7. Assistance with unresolved medical schemes matters.
  8. Members in full-time academic employment eligible to publish in the SADJ.
  9. Purchase Profitability Assessment tool, D-Calc™ at more than 50% discount as a SADA member.
  10. Manage regulatory burden for members in as far as the regulatory bodies such as the HPCSA.
  11. Professional submission in respect to dental policies and funding.
  12. Monitoring and influencing the practice scope of various oral health care practitioners.