Advertising / Sponsorship

Classified Advertisement

Classified advertisements are restricted to a maximum 100 words per advertisement.

Classified advertisement requests are required in writing, and must be submitted to, with full contact details of the advertiser which should include:
  • the wording of the advertisement as it is to be published online;
  • Advertiser professional number when applicable; (will not be published);
  • Advertiser contact details (will not be published).
  • Advertisement lifespan is two weeks from the date of upload.
  • Advertisements to be repeated follow the same process as the original placement request.

  • All advertisements which exceed a word count of 100 words will be forwarded to our publishers E-Doc for further processing as a potential advertisement to be placed in the SADJ electronically or as website advertising. E-Doc will contact you thereafter regarding your requirements.

    SADA Members may place advertisements at no cost providing their annual membership fees are either paid in full at the time of their request or a debit order request has been lodged and is running.
    Non-SADA Member advertisers will be charged R50 per word for placement of their advertisements.
    Advertisement must be paid in full prior to uploading on the web platform. Invoice may be settled telephonically with the use of a credit card to prevent delay of placement.
    Telephonically processed payments will result in uploading of advertisement within 24 hours of settlement.
    Advertiser remains liable for placement costs should payment be dis-honoured and invoice remains unpaid.